Handyman: When Do I Need to Hire One?

As homeowners, we might find ourselves encountering several problems in our home. For instance, we usually face a leaky ceiling or an issue with the propane brewing burner. Usually, these problems are fixable by ourselves or with the help of the man in the house. However, if the problem is beyond our grasp, it might be time for us to call for a handyman.

tips in hiring handyman

What is a handyman?

Basically, a handyman is someone who deals with problems in the house that concern wiring, plumbing, carpentry, gardening, construction etc. Usually, handyman services charge hourly rates. A handyman may have had professional training or self-training and oftentimes, they finish the list of jobs in just one visit. Depending on the state, handymen often carry a license with them.

What are the services?

The entire list is not applicable to all handymen but most of these services are some of what these handymen offer:

  • Painting – Small painting jobs may be done by a handyman. Painting a garage, a room or a door are some of these short-time projects.
  • Plumbing – Handymen may also handle some minor plumbing work such as fixing a leaky faucet or installing a fixture.
  • Light – Installation of light fixtures and replacing light bulbs are also a part of their services.
  • Mounting on walls – Handling pictures, window ornaments and wall decorations are some things a homeowner may be able to do but it is always safer to go for someone with the right tools to avoid errors and accidents.
  • Cleaning – Works that involve getting dirty such as cleaning the gutter on the roof is also something that a handyman may be able to take care of.
  • Repair – Besides cleaning the gutter, they may also repair it among other things. Repairing may involve repairs for other things such as lamps, lights, drywall, wall, septic system, windows, doors, floor, roof, tiles, etc.
  • Replacing – For worn out or broken boards, a handyman may be able to replace those for your porch or deck; they may also apply sealants to improve the quality.
  • Installations – Installations of tiles, flooring, insulation, a sprinkler system, a shelf, a patio, etc. are also done by handymen.
  • Removal – Handymen may also take care of trash removal, removal of paint, removal of furniture and wall decors, removal of stains and even removal of junk and wastes.
  • Construction – Even the construction of a garage or a storage area can be done by a handyman as well.

choosing the right handyman

Basically, a handyman will handle almost everything in a house that needs any repair, removal, construction, cleaning and remodeling. However, in hiring a handyman, always make sure that they are licensed. This will ensure reliability and trustworthiness which is truly important since these days, there have been many instances of handymen who turned out to be scammers in the end. Hiring a handyman will mean giving them access inside your home and this is why you must be extra careful in choosing who to call. For those of you who are in need of their services, you might want to start looking up “handyman near me”.