Replacing Chart Recorders in the Modern World

how data loggers work

In order to record data, chart recorders were used in the 1800s. Charles Babbage, father of the computer, even incorporated a chart recorder in the dynamometer car he created.

Traditional Data Recorder: Chart Recorder

Basically, these chart recorders are electromechanical equipment that allows recording of any mechanical or electrical data trend on a chart. Different inputs are recorded using different colored pens; these are then placed on strip or circular charts.

The traditional chard records usually come in three formats. The strip chars have long strips of paper that is then ejected out of it recorder. On the other hand, circular charts must be replaced more often as they possess discs of paper that rotate; these are more compact and greater when enclosed behind glass. Lastly, a roll chart recorder is that which is just similar to a strip chart but is often fully enclosed and the data it records are stored in a round roll.

wireless data logging

Modern World Data Recorder: Data Logger

As time passed, the rise of modern technology has become inevitable. From the tiniest things to the largest worldwide issues, everything has now been updated by technology including the way data is recorded.

Today, people rarely make use of the traditional data recorders. Different colored strokes to display input are not anymore the go-to method of keeping data. In so many applications, data loggers have replaced these traditional chart recorders.

A data logger, also known as a data recorder, is a modern electronic device that is used to literally record data over time via built in or external sensors and instruments. Most of these data loggers are based on computers, but not all.

Today, these data recorders come in small and handy, they are powered by battery and are equipped with its own sensors, microprocessor and an internal memory intended for data storage. What’s best is they are easily portable and can be carried around anywhere and anytime. These new data recorders may come as stand-alone data loggers, wireless data loggers, web-based data loggers and Bluetooth data loggers.

Data loggers may serve so many purposes, in general. They may also be specific. As for general purpose types of data loggers, they are commonly programmable; however, some types still remain static with limited or no changeable parameters.

Primarily, the major benefit of these data loggers is its ability to collect data 24-hours, automatically. When activated, these data recorders can be left unattended as they record information during its monitoring period. With this, an accurate display of the environmental conditions, if used for this, can be seen.

Indeed, the world and what is in it are rapidly changing; all this is happening with a great help coming from the advancement of technology. From traditional data recording using strips of paper and colored pens to wireless data logging, more and more improvements are seen. Even today, these data loggers are still currently evolving into something more efficient and effective. For as long as technology is moving forward, data acquisition and data recording will continue to change its methods as well.