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Best 5 Outdoor Activities Your Family Should Not Miss

how to camp with kids

A long weekend should never be spent watching TV at home. There should be fun activities for the family to keep them out of boredom. Although there are lots of home activities that can be done indoors or at the backyard, going all-out on outdoor activities is a more unique experience. There is no doubt that the great outdoors hold so much adventure for us and our families.

Not only will we have fun doing these adventurous activities, these will also help the family work on its group dynamics. Through these, we become closer with each other. And despite, of course, the possibility of some slight misunderstandings, we can look at this as a challenge that we have to accomplish. At the end of the day, we will learn a lot of things from these experiences.

So, for those families who are thirsty of outdoor adventure ideas for the upcoming weekend, here is a list of the top activities you should never miss out on.


One great way to spend time with your family outside your home is by going on a camping trip. But before doing so, you must first do your research on the best camping sites available. It’s all up to you and your family. If you want a camping site overlooking the beach, within a park, or on top of a mountain that needs a bit of hiking, it doesn’t really matter as long as you go for what is the most appropriate place depending on the season.

It will definitely be challenging if it’s your first time setting up tents or using sleeping bags. And if you’ve chosen to cam in the wilderness, you might need to acquaint yourself with wilderness survival gears. Luckily, there are a lot of tips online for first-time campers that will truly make the experience much easier and more enjoyable.


If you’re ready to get your hands dirty then farming might just be the activity for you and your family. This activity is truly enjoyable especially if you have little kids around. In the United States, and probably in other places as well, there are orchards and farms that are open to the public. Here, you can enjoy feeding or playing with the animals or even picking and harvesting fruits or vegetables.

Having a tour around the farm sounds exciting; it’s best if you have a tour guide who can accompany you and your family all over the place. This way, you can make sure that your family will get a taste of every adventure available in the area.


A very popular family activity is fishing. There are different types of fishing which is great for you and your family. You may choose from saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, shore fishing, or even fly fishing. Check out Flyfishilicious if you want to know more about fly fishing.

What’s great about fishing is that dads will definitely enjoy this one. Surely, there is nothing wrong with training your kids early on how to catch fish for food and for fun.

fishing with kids


If your family is into the ocean life, a boating adventure might just take your interest. In this activity, your family will be aboard on a powerboat or a sailboat that will take you in the middle of the ocean. Usually, you will be able to stay at a place where it is safe to swim before moving towards other areas.

In tropical areas with a lot of islands around, the boat may even hop from one island to another. This is definitely an adventure worth trying especially if you love experiencing the sea breeze and watching beautiful sunsets in the horizon.


Another great outdoor trip for the family is swimming at the beach. Here, you and your kids have fun by playing beach games and what not. This is also a way for you and the entire family to lay back on the sand and relax. Just make sure you have your beach essentials, such as your sunscreens, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, since we don’t want the sun to burn our skin. Remember that parasols are not enough to protect the skin, the use of sunscreen is and will always be essential.

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Where to find a yacht in Miami – Favorite activities to do in Miami

what to do in miami

Sailing & Boating: One of most popular activities in Miami   

Biscayne Bay on the Atlantic coast is home to the world’s largest cruise ship port in Miami, Southern Florida — an extremely popular and premiere destination for boating and sailing. What draws many folks to these waters are the warm seas and land temperatures (all year round) surrounded by tranquil waters. It’s a subtropical paradise you can’t get enough of.

But how do you charter a yacht for yourself? Here are all the answers you will need to find a yacht in Miami to enjoy these tropical waters.

Popular Marinas

The city is dotted with picturesque marinas. The Coconut Grove is home to the largest wet slip marina with 582 berths and 225 offshore moorings. You can book a fishing trip or a sailing charter here to relax and enjoy the view.

Located towards the southern tip of South Beach, the Miami Beach Marina accommodates 400 slips from dive boats to luxurious yacht charters.  If have a particular type of yacht you are looking for and are wondering where to find one, this is where you should go. Chances are the Miami Beach Marina will have what you need.

Another marina located at the heart of Downtown Miami is Miamarina at Bayside on the Intracoastal Waterway in the middle of Miami. A small deepwater slip marina, the Miamarina has 130 boat slips and offers several boat tours and charters.

Other popular marinas include Crandon Marina at Key Biscayne, Matheson Hammock Marian at Coral Gables, Herbert Hoover Marina at Homestead Bayfront Park, Black Point Marina in Homestead, Bill Bird Marina located at Haulover and Pelican Harbour Marian at North Bay village.

fun boat activity miami


There are plenty of sailing activities here for everyone from the beginner to the avid adventurer. These include sailing lessons for beginners, moonlight sailing excursions, powerboat training and also certification classes as well.

There are also several operators offering group charters for groups on a variety of yachts here that makes for a memorable experience. You will find plenty of power and sail catamarans for rent on a daily or even a weekly basis. These are true cruising delights and offer spacious staterooms with all the modern amenities.

Boat tours

Embark on a variety of trips from the Miamarina along the scenic Biscayne Bay. As you cruise by, you will be able to view spectacular coastal sites including the beautiful Downtown Miami skyline, Port Miami, Fisher Island, Miami Beach and the ever so famous Millionaire’s Row.

For those looking for a high-octane adventure, there are larger vessels cruising to sites such as Port Miami, Star Island, Monument Island and also South Beach.

In addition to these cruises, there are a range of water sport activities that you can join depending on your love of adventure from snorkelling to sailing into the sunset.

Charter Boats

If you are looking to captain your cruise or hire a captain, there are a variety of options available right from fishing boats to mega yachts which can serve to make the seaside experience personal and unforgettable.

These charter boats provide their clientele with customized itineraries and a variety of travel options.  From certified and licensed captains, to high quality yachts with a dedicated crew and caterers, the charter boats here always have something for everyone.