Wilderness Survival and Zombie Gear – Time to Get Ready

It wasn’t until we spend the last three months in the Alalachian mountains that we realized the importance of wildnerness gear and having properly equipment. After being tracked by a polar bear for almost two days and narrowly avoiding freezing to death in the Kimisici river Dr. Gary and I decided to invest a little bit of time into learning how to survive a little better.

I wasn’t sure where to start but it turns out that zombie survival experts actually know how to survive the wilderness the best which is pretty surprising. Everyone knows Bear Grylls – the survival expert who got a lot of traction after his intense survival videos.

Zombie Gear and Weapons Double Up a Great Survival

I came across Zombie Gear Dude’s Guides and ended up actually buying a couple of multipurpose knives and other basic camping apparatus.

Take a look at this for more info: